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Arch-Mill Specialties hired the Jefferson Group to help them furnish and layout their new headquarters office space. The fast growing firm had a goal to provide a cutting edge office for its staff. Jefferson Group provided the glass walls, furniture and carpeting. Giving each employee a sense of comfort and control in their individual workspaces helps to create a better experience.

“home away from home” with the long shifts employees work. Giving employees something as small as a marker board at their desk to make lists or a coat hook or name tag on their chair can give a sense of order and ownership.
Using Outcome Seating ( as the preferred selection of seating, employees have the option to change postures throughout the day, such as lounging, sitting and standing, which is critical for physical and cognitive wellbeing.

“To keep employees engaged, it’s vital that the workplace be designed to nurture their physical, cognitive and emotional needs, we were very happy with the Jefferson Group and their entire team from the initial stages of this endeavor through to the move in” – Ray Ware CEO of Arch-Mill Specialties.

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