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Jefferson Becomes Dealer for High Quality North American Manufacturer of Office Furniture

Jefferson Becomes Dealer for High Quality North American Manufacturer of Office Furniture

The Jefferson Group is a premier ARTOPEX dealership. Artopex has 5 factories in Montreal, Canada and is a high quality manufacturer of office furniture.

Please view the video below to see why the Jefferson Group carries Artopex.

See more ARTOPEX videos on YouTube.

You have also need to be suspecious about the care and the jefferson group now also regulated to support!

Interior Office Design Solutions: Leaving the Desk without Leaving Your Tasks Behind

Interior Office Design Solutions: Leaving the Desk without Leaving Your Tasks Behind

Everyone needs time away from their desk throughout the work day. A lunch break can serve as the time to step away. However at times, a change in scenery can be a tremendous help.

We all tire from the same computer chair, workstation, office desk and monitor cage that confines us endlessly every day. It is easy to become distracted and sluggish when this mood takes over. What if we had the option to switch places?

Research continuously shows the increase in collaborative working and team meetings, warranting updated conference spaces and huddle spaces.

Companies are largely focusing on inter-department communication. The added value to these alternative workspaces is they benefit the individuals as well.

Much can be gained by simply shifting to a different area in the office. A change in scenery can trigger different emotion, and lead to motivation or concentration. Consider a comfortable chair by the window. This might help someone feel connected to the outside. It might also help when employees feel “stuck” while working on a specific project. It allows them to work in a different setting, clear their heads and focus, you can just simply check to this place oofyfashion. A high top desk is a great way for employees to stretch their legs without stepping away from their work. The small changes can break up the day beyond the routine lunch break. Shifting to a quiet area in a more open space can ease stress, allowing for better workflow.

Does your office have these options? Let us know!

For a complimentary office design or commercial office furniture quote, please contact us: at 212-967-1911 (NY) or 203-967-1900 (CT)

Make an Impression with Office Decor and Design

Make an Impression with Office Decor and Design

Does Your Office Stand Out?

When clients visit your office, they take a peek into your business. From reception to private offices and conference rooms, your brand is displayed to clients, partners, investors and future employees. Consider how your office portrays your organization.

CT and New England Office Decor and Design
Make an Impression with Interior Office Design and Decor in Connecticut, New York, and New England

Picture a reception area. Stiff, uncomfortable chairs are not inviting. A more appealing option could include couches or armchairs, coupled with a coffee display. Add to that some unique decorative pieces, and the atmosphere completely changes. There could be wall art, an interesting twist on your logo or a free standing piece.

Office decor and design is where you make a first impression on your visitor.

Leading into the main office space, you do not want to appear boring. Even a more serious business, such as a law firm, can be sharp looking. Bold hues are eye-catching, in lieu of white walls. Glass walled conference rooms and executive offices allow for brighter space and more natural light. Even the layout of cubicles can be modified to enhance appearance.

CT, NY, and New England Interior Office Design Solutions
From executive offices to conference and boardrooms, we offer professional office decor and design solutions in New England, NY, and CT.

Another area of note is your kitchen, or coffee-break zone. A nice touch to this is a high counter with stools, rather than standard round tables and cafeteria chairs. A counter can be stand alone, or have stools for lunch breaks. As the workforce becomes more mobile and dynamic, this area will be opportune for impromptu stand-up meetings.

CT, NY, and New England office decor
Your office decor and design should reflect your corporate culture.

Your office design and decoration should be a reflection of your corporate culture. Whatever your message is, your space should “look the part”.

Standing Office Workstations: Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

Standing Office Workstations: Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

Do You Want to Live Longer?

Longer Life Expectancy

Did you know that you can live longer simply by standing up more and sitting less? Recent studies show that active people have a longer life expectancy than their stationary counterparts. For this reason, a height adjustable desk is a much smarter choice than a sit-down desk.

New York, Connecticut, and New England Height Adjustable Desks
Height Adjustable Desks Provide Numerous Health Benefits

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can actually cause you physical harm. As you sit, fat accumulates in your heart, liver brain and other organs. Your muscles lose their tone and definition, and your body tires more easily. The potential for weight gain is tremendous for workers who sit all day.

Better Overall Health

The twenty-first century lifestyle is more sedentary than ever before. Overweight, obesity and diabetes are also more prevalent. A healthy diet and regular exercise are still the best ways to lose weight and prevent diabetes, and a standing desk can help, especially if you are not used too much exercise. A stand-up desk encourages you to be active throughout the day, and movement is a good way to stay fit and healthy during desk work.

Better Ergonomics

Sitting is not a natural position. Long periods of sitting behind a standard desk can cause substantial problems including backaches, neck and shoulder pain, leg cramps, sciatica, headaches and vision issues. Standing all day can be painful too, especially if you are not accustomed to it. An adjustable height desk is the best solution.

An ergonomic desk makes you feel better, and when you feel better, you work better. A standing desk helps you be more productive at work. It also encourages interaction with your coworkers and colleagues.

Sit-Stand desks are suitable for private offices, executive offices and cubicle dwellers.

So take control of your health and productivity and check out one of our sit/stand desk options today!

Height Adjustable Desks in Connecticut, New York, and New England
Take Control of Your Health with our Height Adjustable Desks

More Calories Burned

How many calories can you burn by switching from a sit-down desk to a stand up desk? More than you think! Adjustable height desk can also help you avoid the health pitfalls of sitting all day, and you burn calories at the same time.

Movement is vital to health.

According to the one calorie-burn calculator, a 180 pound person burns around 970 calories during the course of a seven hour workday. Using a height adjustable desk, the same person burns around 1260 calories. That increase of 290 calories really adds up if you are trying to lose or manage your weight.

Stylish Reception Desks and Waiting Room Furniture

Stylish Reception Desks and Waiting Room Furniture

A visitor’s first impression of an office is formed the moment they walk through the door.Jefferson works closely with you to create contemporary interiors that reflect unique design.

Stylish solutions in classic, innovative and illuminated varieties are available for your reception desk and waiting room furniture needs.

We offer products that have a diverse shape, color and material. They represent high quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and ergonomic design on a world-class level.

Jefferson is honored to be an authorized dealer for MDD and other reputable furniture manufactures. If you would like more information, please contact us at:

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Ergonomic and Height Adjustable Desking Solutions

Ergonomic and Height Adjustable Desking Solutions

Make Yourself Comfortable!

height adjustable and ergonomic desks
Jefferson Group offers a full range of stylish ergonomic and height adjustable desks.

Ergonomists recommend that you sit at your workspace for no more than ½ of your day.

Jefferson Group offers a full range of stylish ergonomic and height adjustable desks.

Our sit-to-stand workstations increase circulation, comfort and productivity.

They are perfect for shared workstations and assist in meeting ADA requirements. Our height adjustable desks are available with electric or manual adjustments. Call centers, offices, training rooms, schools, hospitals and libraries are ideal applications for these workstations.

We are seeing a greater need to stand for more ways than one: productivity, creativity as well as beneficial health strategies. Our height adjustable desks are available with electrical or manual adjustments.

Changing your posture throughout the day is something BIFMA recommends!

Electric Height Adjustable Desks

Adjust quickly and quietly with a gentle push of a button.

Manual Adjustable Desks

The solution when an affordable sit-to-stand unit is required.

Treadmill & Desk Combinations

Axis Desks: Office Workstations, L-Shaped Desks, & U-Shaped Desks

Axis Desks: Office Workstations, L-Shaped Desks, & U-Shaped Desks

An intelligent approach to office design is to recognize that the core element in an office is the desk.

Stripping the desk down to its bare simplicity and providing concealed routing of services gives a refreshing feel of uncluttered space. Its modular structure guarantees adaptable layouts and solutions to support a multitude of ways of working.

High Density Desking

The modular work space for high density office spaces.

Work modules link in clusters and combine with screens and storage to define individual areas for heads down work. The same desk elements work in private offices and as linear benching for collaborative work spaces.

Individual Spaces

The best office environments are those that create a sense of community & space and support dynamic changes in workplace technologies and evolving work practices.

Whether you need individual offices for concentrated work or team based work areas to enhance interaction, Axis Workstations are a superb collection of coordinating ranges that features fixed or height adjustable desks and workstations. There is no reason why your office furniture should not be as architecturally appealing as your offices – Axis is a statement in style.

90 Degree Workstations

Axis System gives refreshing options for traditional 90° office layouts. Design your space using a combination of frame-mounted screens between worktops & 3/4 height screens to the traffic areas while retaining the Axis worktop accessible power and data functions.

120 Degree Workstations

Axis 120° layouts are ideal for team environments. Screens can be pinnable e-panel or translucent twinwall, or a combination of both. The Axis 120° frames interlock with the straightline & 90° Modulus giving unlimited layout options.

Meet Feek: the Comfortable and Configurable Office Chairs from Trendway

Meet Feek: the Comfortable and Configurable Office Chairs from Trendway

Commercial Office Chairs in New York and CT
Trendway Provides Comfortable and Configurable Office Chairs and Seating in New England, New York, and Connecticut.

You’re going to love this fun, comfortable, reconfigurable and highly durable coated foam offering. Distinct designs, bold colors, and charming shapes bring Feek Fundamentals to life.

And you’ll appreciate how Feek fits in almost anywhere! Create your collaborative space. Design your brainstorming place with comfortable and configurable commercial office chairs and seating from Trendway.

It’s easy with Feek.

Want to see a sample? Contact us and ask for Steve.

Images courtesy of Trendway

4 Exciting Aspects of 21st Century Office Design

4 Exciting Aspects of 21st Century Office Design

Commercial Office Design in New York and Connecticut
The 21st Century Office is All About Breaking Down Walls and Collaborating

Mad Men might look great on TV, but the layers of traditional offices for each person and a secretarial pool in a space all their own have been slowly peeling away for years now.

The cubicle alternative isn’t great either. Cubes can turn a space that otherwise has great potential into a depressing, monotone landscape that’s blue, gray, and anything but inspirational.

Enter, modern office design. Here are four aspects of the 21st century office, and why they work.

Collaborative Work Spaces Encourage Bright Ideas

More and more offices lean toward a collaborative work model. When creative individuals are routinely separated by four or even just three walls, something is lost. That something is the creative spark.

New York and Connecticut Commercial Office Design
Massaud Canopy creates a quiet space within a public area, allowing users to be in control of their work environment with integrated lighting, built-in bluetooth audio and hands-free mounting of devices.

Massaud Canopy creates a quiet space within a public area, allowing users to be in control of their work environment with integrated lighting, built-in bluetooth audio and hands-free mounting of devices.

With an open model, those creative ideas can easily travel to others working on the same projects without resorting to an email or phone call.

This open idea might seem like the same old great hall of cubes, but it isn’t. This is more like suites or enclaves of open spaces. Imagine riding a bike through a gallery of chairs or sitting around a fireplace while working on the next great idea. Groups of people share collaborative work space, and there may be several suites within the same office.

Quiet Work Spaces Aren’t Necessarily Sacrificed

Everyone needs time to think without distractions, even those working within the same suite. But instead of spacious offices with all of the accoutrement surrounding one open area, these are small, den-like areas designed for the concentration and focus of an individual.

The design for separate individual areas is open to a lot of possibility. Imagine a suite with open spaces, and a row of tiny, stand-alone offices that resemble miniature cabins. That’s right, cabins inside a larger suite. That’s what Pixar provides for some of their talent.

There is plenty of room to work together, but each worker has his or her own spot to get away, think, and focus on a task.

Comfort Can Make or Break the Workday

Interior Office Design in New York, New England, and Connecticut
Office furniture doesn’t have to look typical any more.

Style is a big consideration in 21st century office design. Wild colors and unusual artistic and architectural elements are everywhere, but working in a comfortable environment is still a priority.

Desks, chairs, lounges and guest furnishings aren’t just pretty, they’re designed with ergonomics in mind. The right desk and the right chair at the right height mean less fatigue. Less fatigue means happier workers.

This comfort also extends to anti-fatigue flooring, especially in areas that offer another trend, standing work stations.

Technology Frees Workers from Traditional Offices

Technology, whether work or personal, is growing toward an untethered model. Mobile devices mean people can take files and communication anywhere, and the modern office should be no different.

Office Design Solutions in NY, CT, and New England
It is the new work model centered around office design; for now, and for years to come.

What use is all of the open, collaborative space when workers have to run back to a cube or desk to access the files for a project? It’s counter-intuitive.
If workers can ride a bike through an enclave, recline and watch a fish tank gurgle while brainstorming, or sit in a round of comfortable chairs in a collaboration session, the office technology model should be able to move with them. So if a company relies on hard copy files and those stored on individual computers, it’s time to think about the switch to all digital, and mobile.

The design possibilities for the 21st century workplace are open to whatever you like. The flexible workspace that Jefferson created for Mintz and Hoke, a creative design agency in Avon, CT, showcases some extraordinary examples of the directions some offices can take with their layouts.

The colors, themes, elements, and perks aren’t as important as the concept. And that concept is collaboration.

Work spaces, smaller spots to concentrate and close off the rest of the office for a while, comfort everywhere, and the freedom from tethered technology is what makes all of these elements useful. Take it all in one gulp, or integrate the elements a little at a time. It is the new work model for now, and for years to come.

Furniture Glass, Office Walls, and Commercial Office Partitions

Furniture Glass, Office Walls, and Commercial Office Partitions

Glass Walls, Sliding Glass Doors, Floor to Ceiling Glass Dividers

Sleek, minimal and budget friendly, full-height glass walls create an open environment and provide acoustical privacy.  

Consider adding glass to your office instead of solid walls. With demountable glass wall options from Jefferson Group, installation is quick and benefits you and your staff with increased natural light.  

Jefferson Group will measure, deliver and install glass walls, working closely with your architect and contractor to ensure a seamless project.  Window frosting, logos and branding can be added to enhance your space.

Options below for glass office walls, demountable walls and full-height glass dividers.