Benefits of a Standing Desk

Benefits of a Standing Desk

One of the biggest changes that we’ve seen in offices everywhere is the switch from standard sit-down desks to standing desks. At first this seemed like a fad that was taking storm, maybe a “millennial thing”, but would quickly fade as time went on. However, that’s not at all what’s happened.

Over the last few years these desks have done nothing but take off. They are incorporated into nearly every office across the US and there are so many reasons why. At Jefferson Group, LLC, we do our best to provide you with up to date products that are found in offices and, ultimately, provide you and your business with a solution that is best for you.

Our blog post today is going to cover the many benefits of standing desks and why they’re something that all companies should invest in within their office, let’s get started.

Minimizing Obesity
Exercise is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, but it doesn’t necessarily need to require hours upon hours at they gym. If you are looking to minimize the chances of obesity in your company, one of the best things that you can do is add standing desks.

Jobs that require employees to remain seated for hour at a time can be the only thing needed to experience weight gain, and when you’re working in an industry for years at a time, you can almost guarantee that weight gain is in the books. Individuals that stand an accumulated 2 hours throughout their day have shown to maintain, if not lose, weight just by standing at their desk.

Just standing burns 50 calories more than sitting, so while it isn’t a ton of calories to account for in a daily basis, standing while working is a great place to start.

Improvement in Posture
One of the easiest benefits that you’ll notice is an improvement in posture. Desk jobs are especially bad for poor posture, but can you blame anyone for starting to slouch after an eight hour day spent at a desk? There’s no doubt that it’s easy to slouch, but when you’re standing up and working, your core is pulling everything together and you’re able to stand up straight, which in turn improves your posture.

Another great factor of this improving your posture is that you don’t have to worry about the shifting of your spine as much. When you sit and you wind up slouching often, you do end up having quite a bit of misalignment and will usually need to go to a chiropractor in order to get your back aligned. The way that we naturally stand keeps our body elongated, which reduces the actual shifts of disks in our back. That means that you won’t be visiting your chiropractor nearly as much.

Reduced Risk of Cancer
Cancer is a huge concern in regards to long-term health issues, and while there’s no guaranteed way to avoid the diagnosis of cancer in your lifetime, there are certainly ways for you to go about minimizing the chance of it becoming a health risk.

Believe it or not, standing desks have actually proven to be extremely beneficial in regards to decreasing the chances of cancer in one’s lifetime. Sitting too much has actually been proven to increase the chances of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

A Longer Life
Maintaining your health is absolutely necessary in order to live a long life, so prioritizing the little things will make a big difference in the long-run. That goes for this small thing too. Standing more reduces the chance of some of the most life threatening and terrifying illnesses. As we’ve mentioned before, standing more can risk the chances of obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart failure, so by doing that you are in turn minimizing the chances of any health risks developing and improving the overall chances of a long life.

Reduced Neck Strain
When you spend a majority of your day typing, the one thing that you’re not entirely conscious of is how much time you’re straining your neck looking down at it. Even if you stare directly at your screen while you’re working, there will still be times during the day that you’ll glance down to look at it.

This is extremely harmful for your neck and you’ll start to notice it after a while. When you strain it, your spine begins to form into a “C” shape, which is extremely harmful. When you stand, you’re elongating your body which maintains the healthy, and natural, structure of your spine. Leaving it in a nice “S” shape, instead.

Less Headaches
If you are someone that falls victim to headaches often, standing some more could be the key to minimizing this from happening. Because your posture is better when you’re standing, there is less of a strain on your neck, shoulders and back, which are all directly correlated to having headaches.

While there isn’t much support as to why this happens, or how exactly the alignment of the body over time effects headaches, this has been proven to be true for people who do stand more. This is another area where standing is sure to help, but it will come down to som much more. For instance, drinking water, routine exercise and, if you have serious back pains, more frequent visits to you chiropractor.

Increased Energy Levels
Desk jobs definitely aren’t the easiest to spend hours upon hours at, so it goes without saying that after a long night where you got little sleep, or a day where the office is just a little bit too cozy, these desks can be a saving grace. With a quick little rise, your employees can be standing.

This can help get the blood pumping through their veins again which is super necessary when you’re trying to keep people awake. What’s great about this is that it has also proven to increase productivity levels for employees that have a difficult time focusing.

Quite honestly, there are so many reasons that spending time at your standing desk will prove to be beneficial, and these are only some of them. The truth is that productivity and reduced stress levels are huge contributors that you’ll see as the owner of a business, but the overall comfort and happiness of your employees will always be the most rewarding.

Switch up the quality of living in your office by adding standing desks. This is something that your employees will love having easily accessible and will certainly make the most of. Jefferson Group, LLC has a huge selection to choose from and a variety that will allow for you to find the piece that’s going to work best in your business. Browse the selection of standing desks that we have online and let us be the providers for your office space.

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