Colors That Work in Office Spaces

Colors That Work in Office Spaces

Do you remember the days where colors were just colors? Little did we know that these things we were learning would have various effects on us. From the emotions that we experience to the levels of productivity that we might be going through, the colors that surround you are a huge contributor to various parts of your life.

In a workplace, there is no doubt that the colors that you incorporate throughout your space are going to make a difference. If you aren’t an expert in the psychology of colors, then it can be difficult to understand what types of colors will be the best for your office space. Afterall, there is no one color that works for all. You will have to take into consideration the tasks that you’re doing, the size of the group that will be working in a space, and the aesthetics and emotion that you’re hoping to have in a space.

We’re going to dive into some of the more basics with colors in our blog post today.

One of the most common choices in regards to colors that we see is white. This is a pretty easy color to incorporate into just about any space, and it’s extremely common. What is great about this is that there isn’t much to it, which leaves plenty of room for making the space into whatever it is that you need it to be.

The color itself is still very bright, which allows for people to remain alert throughout the day without feeling overly exposed to bright colors. It also gives off the feeling of a clean slate, which is fantastic for creative jobs or jobs that start off with a clean slate each day.

Another great feature of this color is that it’s easy to incorporate various colors, textures and designs with it because of how simplistic it is. For creative positions, a nice combination of black and white makes for a fantastic combination and is great for getting those creative ideas out.

When you’re looking to add a touch of color, but nothing that’s overpowering, a blue-gray is a great choice. Blue is a color known for it’s ability to cool and calm, so when you pair it with the gray shades, it can immediately become very laid back and relieve some high tensions.

When you’re looking for the right color to incorporate in an office that houses individuals working stressful positions, in a tough field, this is a color that you should be incorporating. Even if it isn’t the main color that you choose for the office, it’s one that’s pretty easy to add touches of throughout a space so that you can still benefit from those calming effects. Aside from that, blue is directly associated with productivity and connectivity of the mind. Which makes it an absolutely fantastic hue to have incorporated in the color that you choose, or as a focal color for your company.

Light Blue
Again, blue is a very calming color and it is one that should be incorporated into an office space somehow. A light blue color combines the lighter attributes of the white with the calming effects of blue. Together, you can have a light, airy and fresh feeling room, while still having that hint of blue that can reduce stress.

So, in this case, you should consider this color for creative positions that also incorporate deadlines or have a heavy workload. This can calm them enough when they’re faced with a blank slate. And, as with all of the colors we’ve mentioned so far, it’s extremely easy to pair with other colors.

Saturated Yellow
Now, before you immediately turn down the option of yellow, know that we are fully talking a saturated yellow. That means that it will be a lighter combination of white and yellow that you can use. Blue is a fantastic color for the mind, while yellow is a fantastic color for emotion.

In rooms where major clients or professionals will come in and sit down for presentations are immediately hit with a saturated yellow, they are more likely to be in tune with their emotions that are already heavier on the positive side. This is also a great color to incorporate if you are running a business that is heavily correlated with human interaction and connection; having positive emotions in check is a must.

Quite honestly, there are plenty of benefits to many of the colors that you’ll be exposed to in an office space, but there are also colors that will be more distracting than others. If you’re interested in learning more about which colors are more likely to be a distraction for your employees, check back for our next blog where we’ll jump in and color some of the worst choices you could make it when it comes to office colors and your interior design.

Creating a workspace that’s going to work well for you and your team is important, and we know that. If you’re looking for the right pieces to make this possible, you can count on Jefferson Group, LLC to have them. Browse our selection online and find pieces that you work for the tasks your employees are completing, the mission that you’ve developed and the look you hope to achieve. Contact us with any questions you may have and reach out to us for more information.

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