Miller Motorcars McLaren Auto Showroom

Miller Motorcars McLaren Auto Showroom

Connecticut Commercial Office Layout & Design
Jefferson Group brought professional commercial office layout & design to Miller Motorcars.

Miller Motorcars of Greenwich, Connecticut is dedicated to the exciting journey found by driving an Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren or Rolls Royce automobile.

Miller Motorcars understands owning one of these vehicles is more than possession of the object itself, but also a way of life – a subconscious smile while settling into the driver’s seat, the purring vibration as the engine starts, numerous thumbs-up while driving around town, valet parking always up front.

The challenge was how to create this experience the moment a customer enters the showroom?

From the moment you enter their doors, Miller Motorcars conveys quality, service, comfort, and luxury. When the time came to furnish the new McLaren Showroom, Miller Motorcars turned to Jefferson Group to help pull prospects over the finish line.

Jefferson Group was selected to assist in the design and fit-out of the new McLaren Showroom with high quality lines of furniture. Miller contracted Jefferson to create an environment that immerses the customer in superior motoring and lifestyle experiences. Every office was updated to include floor to ceiling Synergie glass walls, giving the private offices a fantastic view of the showroom. Synergie desks, tables and seating combine European engineering with modern design, to provide comfort and aesthetics.

Throughout the project Jefferson continually kept the goals Miller had for the showroom in the forefront of their efforts. With a continual coordination of resources, innovative products were brought together to create a space as remarkable as the vehicles it showcases.

View our commercial office layout and design for Miller Motorcars below.

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