Mintz and Hoke Creative Design Agency

Mintz and Hoke Creative Design Agency

Connecticut Office Layout & Design
Jefferson Group tailored a custom office layout and design plan for Mintz and Hoke.

Mintz and Hoke, a Creative Design Agency in Avon, CT, wanted an open floor plan, converting from private offices to a flexible work space plan. The workspace needs to adjust to how the teams worked together, creating better communications between the different departments, and be flexible enough to adapt to future needs. Jefferson had the unique advantage of being a “one source” for the client; having the staff to design the project and the manpower to install the complete solution.

Jefferson designed the office in such a way that encourages the imaginative power of the employees and also maximizes the flow of creativity and the organization’s potential. The final design included 35 workstations, 2 Semi-Private brainstorming rooms and 4 Open Lounge / Break-out areas for discussions.

Jefferson specified and supplied a modular system which allows the individuals in each workstation to personalize their space. Computer Technology is one of the fastest changing items in an office and this modular system makes wiring and cabling very easy. With tackboards and white boards in every station, individuals can pin up or write down their diverse perspectives for everyone to see. The neighborhoods of workstations are very easy to reconfigure should a new floor plan be needed. The brainstorming rooms are great for getting together and “thinking outside the box”, solving problems, and inspiring the team.

View our work space layout and design solution for Mintz and Hoke below.

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