Office Planning & Design

Office Planning & Design

Planning and Design

Planning is everything. In the same way your new space should make life easier, so should creating it. We take pains to ensure this process goes smoothly for you and your business.

Every square foot you have has value – and provides an opportunity for you to establish your vision – be it Feng Shui or Activity-Based Working (ABW). Our Workplace Advisory division becomes your dedicated team through the critical process of selecting the right space, then maximizing it.

By evaluating which of your departments work better adjacently, we can not only improve workflow, but even boost staff morale. We work with you to ensure proper coordination of interior finishes and colors – whatever your company’s brand or personality, we’ll help you achieve its desired effects.

The Jefferson Group team will create a ‘cutting-edge’ environment for your business, and meet your image, timeline and budget requirements!

We approach each step knowing you have to live with our work every day!

Interior Finish and Color Harmony

We coordinate paint, fabrics, carpeting, wall coverings and finishes to support your workplace ambience and image.
Space Planning and Office Layout

A critical step to ensure your space is utilized correctly, as well as department and individual requirements are met. Work hand in hand with our space planners to review options, discuss solutions, or incorporate feng shui to achieve your ultimate office configuration. With the use of the latest software, our designers can produce 3D images and color renderings to best visualize your future space.
Corporate Standards Program

Communicate your brand—with an established standards scheme, colors, signage, fabrics and styles remain consistent throughout your company.


Optimum lighting creates a pleasing work space, increases efficiency and enhances your color palate. Our lighting designers precisely match the light to the task, to promote creativity and visual communication.


Offices should be carefully designed to create a high quality acoustic environment. Adding additional sound absorption elements can solve specific noise concerns and create the ideal acoustic climate. With Jefferson’s well balanced sound mitigation solutions, staff motivation and job performance increase.


Score points by blending environmental, social and economic concerns. Jefferson’s sustainable design strategies include reduced capital costs, improved air quality, waste reduction and increased occupant comfort.