Distracting Factors in an Office

Distracting Factors in an Office

In our last blog post, we touched on a few of the colors that are fantastic to incorporate into your office space because of the effects that they have on your employees and in the building as a whole. Some of the main points that they affected were emotions, productivity and creativity. As a team, Jefferson Group, LLC, works hard to provide the equipment that companies need to make the most of their mission and the tasks that they’re trying to complete.

Today we’re going to visit the complete opposite end of the spectrum: distractions. Distractions are not an uncommon thing to have happen in an office space, in fact it’s one of the most common things that you does happen, so it’s fantastic that you are able to get ahead of the ball and find the things that are creating distractions so that you can avoid them.

Here are just a few of the things that might be cutting down productivity levels for your business.

Bright Colors
The first point that we’re going to hit on are colors. Since our last blog post was dedicated fully to colors that would create a productive space for your office, it only makes sense to touch on colors that will be distracting.

As you may have noticed in the last post, a lot of the colors that we talked about were subtle, muted colors. It may not be the most exciting color scheme, but they are colors that don’t draw too much immediate attention to the employees that are working in a space.

For the most part you’re going to want to stay away from any extremely bright shades of colors. There’s no one specific color that will make a difference in this because, quite honestly, most vibrant and bright colors make it difficult for the eyes to focus on what they’re working on elsewhere. If you can, find a color that incorporates a softer shade of that color, and use that. It’ll make for a better workspace and an overall higher level of productivity.

Dark Colors
Going off of the prior post on colors, dark colors are another area that you are going to want to do your best to try and avoid. When colors get too dark, employees can quickly become overly calm, which leads to feeling tired or getting lazy.

Again, if you’re hoping to add some touches of color, the best way to do it is in a more muted option. Whether that be only a hint lighter so that it’s really a grayish type of color, or going much lighter so that it is a diluted version of the color, you can count on this completely changing the overall feel for the better.

Overwhelming Noise
Something that we talked about in a previous post regarding office spaces and millennials, was that open spaces are something that people think millennials need. While that is a definitely a great way to try and incorporate collaboration, this is also a quick and easy way to make the amount of sound in an office space overwhelming.

While collaboration and having good relationships with your coworkers is great, when there is too much sound in an office it is extremely difficult to get work done and so much distraction that it’s extremely difficult to try and maintain focus on any given task. The solution to this is by designing an office space that has barriers between groups or that has some form of block between groups that are talking.

Office Layout
Determining which way to set up your office space is something that you will inevitably spend a ton of time working on. It’s difficult to know which layout is going to be the best setup possible for the work that your employees are completing. Again, this is going to bring up issues like collaboration, creativity, productivity, and what type of environment is necessary for your employees to thrive.

For some offices, setting up barriers is a great way to maintain the focus, while for other fields it can make the job much more distracting. More often than not, having desks that are close to the entry way or the front desk is a huge mistake that leaves your employees turning their heads every time that someone walks by. If you’re going to be incorporating certain rooms throughout a space, definitely take into consideration what types of distractions each of those layouts is going to come with.

It’s also good to realize that distractions will happen regardless, so don’t be too hard on yourself if every single layout that you create has some form of distraction surrounding it. When this does happen, you can simply write out the distractions and work to find solutions for them. When you think about most of them, you’re entirely able to find a solution that will not only decrease if not eliminate the distraction, but that will improve the layout as a whole.

Find the pieces of equipment that will allow for your employees to make the most out of their days when you shop the selection at Jefferson Group. We have plenty of options that will prioritize the productivity and happiness of your employees. Give all of the collections that we have a look over and make sure to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our products.

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