Interior Office Design Solutions: Leaving the Desk without Leaving Your Tasks Behind

Interior Office Design Solutions: Leaving the Desk without Leaving Your Tasks Behind

Everyone needs time away from their desk throughout the work day. A lunch break can serve as the time to step away. However at times, a change in scenery can be a tremendous help.

We all tire from the same computer chair, workstation, office desk and monitor cage that confines us endlessly every day. It is easy to become distracted and sluggish when this mood takes over. What if we had the option to switch places?

Research continuously shows the increase in collaborative working and team meetings, warranting updated conference spaces and huddle spaces.

Companies are largely focusing on inter-department communication. The added value to these alternative workspaces is they benefit the individuals as well.

Much can be gained by simply shifting to a different area in the office. A change in scenery can trigger different emotion, and lead to motivation or concentration. Consider a comfortable chair by the window. This might help someone feel connected to the outside. It might also help when employees feel “stuck” while working on a specific project. It allows them to work in a different setting, clear their heads and focus, you can just simply check to this place oofyfashion. A high top desk is a great way for employees to stretch their legs without stepping away from their work. The small changes can break up the day beyond the routine lunch break. Shifting to a quiet area in a more open space can ease stress, allowing for better workflow.

Does your office have these options? Let us know!

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