Make an Impression with Office Decor and Design

Make an Impression with Office Decor and Design

Does Your Office Stand Out?

When clients visit your office, they take a peek into your business. From reception to private offices and conference rooms, your brand is displayed to clients, partners, investors and future employees. Consider how your office portrays your organization.

CT and New England Office Decor and Design
Make an Impression with Interior Office Design and Decor in Connecticut, New York, and New England

Picture a reception area. Stiff, uncomfortable chairs are not inviting. A more appealing option could include couches or armchairs, coupled with a coffee display. Add to that some unique decorative pieces, and the atmosphere completely changes. There could be wall art, an interesting twist on your logo or a free standing piece.

Office decor and design is where you make a first impression on your visitor.

Leading into the main office space, you do not want to appear boring. Even a more serious business, such as a law firm, can be sharp looking. Bold hues are eye-catching, in lieu of white walls. Glass walled conference rooms and executive offices allow for brighter space and more natural light. Even the layout of cubicles can be modified to enhance appearance.

CT, NY, and New England Interior Office Design Solutions
From executive offices to conference and boardrooms, we offer professional office decor and design solutions in New England, NY, and CT.

Another area of note is your kitchen, or coffee-break zone. A nice touch to this is a high counter with stools, rather than standard round tables and cafeteria chairs. A counter can be stand alone, or have stools for lunch breaks. As the workforce becomes more mobile and dynamic, this area will be opportune for impromptu stand-up meetings.

CT, NY, and New England office decor
Your office decor and design should reflect your corporate culture.

Your office design and decoration should be a reflection of your corporate culture. Whatever your message is, your space should “look the part”.

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