Technology, Office Furnishings, and Office Decor High on Employee Wish Lists

Technology, Office Furnishings, and Office Decor High on Employee Wish Lists

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More than half of employees desire improvements to office furniture and office decor.

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A survey conducted shortly before the October 4 observation of Improve Your Office Day found that new technology and office furniture ranked high on employees’ wish lists of office improvements. More than half the workers surveyed gave both their office furniture (52 percent) and office decor (51 percent) a “C” grade or lower, while 41 percent gave their office technology a “C” or lower.

Topping people’s wish lists for office improvements were:

  • Eliminating office politics (44 percent)
  • Allowing or encouraging telecommuting (41 percent)
  • Upgrading computers and other office technology (37 percent)
  • Getting nicer or more comfortable office furniture (35 percent)
  • Providing more private work areas and more flexible work hours (tied at 34 percent each)

One thing respondents said did not need improvement was the boss, despite some common stereotypes. Nearly half (487 percent) of respondents gave their boss a solid “A” grade, with a combined 78 percent rating their boss an “A” or “B”.

Another interesting finding of the study is that 57 percent of office workers have to buy their own snacks and beverages at work. Consequently, one in two respondents reported leaving the office on coffee or snack runs at least once a day, with some making as many as five trips per day.

The survey was conducted online, with more than 300 office workers at companies of various sizes and across various industries weighing in.

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